…designer Joanna Yu’s wonderful period costumes in blues and golds that match set designer John Dinning’s marvellous two-storey stone buildings... – The Chronicle Herald

The 1974 setting lends itself to some wacky wigs and beautiful costumesĀ that are both traditional and period… –


Neptune TheatreĀ 
Director: George Pothitos
Set Design: John Dinning
Lighting: Kevin Fraser
Photography: Thomas Richard Photography

Cast: Mauralea Austin, Marty Burt, Francine Deschepper, Stephen, Gartner, Andrew Gillies, Robin Hebb, Simon Henderson, David Leyson, Evagelos Lyberopoulos, Ciaran MacGillivray, Leah Pritchard, Andrew Scanlon, Jeff Schwager, Genvieve Steele, Jody Stevens, Jeremy Webb, Jonathan Wilson.

Fountain Hall, Halifax – 2013

Antipholus Sketch Courtezan Sketch Adriana Sketch Dromio Sketch